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Inland Red Cedar

Inland Red Cedar is valued for its lasting beauty in both interior and exterior applications. Its natural resistance to decay and moisture makes it a superior choice for decking and similar applications. Inland Red Cedar combines the warmth and beauty of solid wood with the flexibility and strength of one of nature’s most durable wood species.

Western Red Cedar VG

Western Red Cedar is renowned for its rich color and exceptional building properties. With its straight, even grain, tight knots, and uniform texture, Western Red Cedar is among the easiest and most pleasing woods to work with.

  • Dimensionally stable, low shrinkage, resists warping
  • Lightweight, strong and versatile
  • Naturally resistant to decay and insect damage (no chemical treatment required)
  • Pitch and resin-free – an excellent base for paints and stains
  • Available in VG and A&BTR

Blue Star® Certified Malaysian Hardwoods

Dark Red Meranti is prized by European architects for high-class joinery applications. These species provide the ultimate combination of beauty, versatility, performance, and economy for decking and related products. They mill to a superior surface, work easily, absorb, and hold finish deeply and evenly. Our timber ages to a smooth surface, with less checking (cracking) than other harder, heavier, and more expensive species.

All Blue Star products, and the facilities where they are manufactured, are 100% certified by The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) This program is overseen by the Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC).