Fiber Cement

Pictured in ‘Beaded Cedarmill’
Pictured in ‘Select Cedarmill’

HardiePlank® Lap Siding

Traditional and timeless. Sleek and strong. HardiePlank® lap siding is not just Hardie’s best-selling product—it’s the most popular brand of siding in America, protecting and beautifying more from coast to coast. All styles are Engineered for Climate® and come primed, or with baked-on ColorPlus® Technology.

With a full spectrum of colors and textures, homeowners can enjoy protection from the elements and the versatility to make their dream home a reality. From Victorians to Colonials, HardiePlank sets the standard in exterior cladding.

📽 HardiePlank Cladding Installation:


Thickness: 5/16 in  |  Length: 12 ft planks  |  Primed or ColorPlus®  |  Statement &  Dream Collection™ Colors

SELECT CEDARMILL© – a natural cedar look with a soft texture that mimics wood.

SMOOTH – a sleek and more modern appearance.


Thickness: 5/16 in  |  — Special Order in Dream Collection™ —  or Primed Only

BEADED CEDARMILL© – a rounded or “beaded” edge; inspired by coastal communities, this siding is brimming with charm.

BEADED SMOOTH – a smooth, modern board with a rounded edge.

Pictured in ‘Board-and-Batten’ Style
Pictured in ‘Stucco’ Pattern

HardiePanel® Vertical Siding

Re-siding your house with HardiePanel® vertical siding—or combining it with HardiePlank® lap siding—is sure to add visual punch to your design.

When combined with HardieTrim boards, it achieves the rustic Board-and-Batten look that defines cottage charm. The covered seams contribute to a well-insulated home.

📽 How to Install HardiePanel Vertical Siding:


Thickness: 5/16 in  |  Primed or ColorPlus®  | Statement &  Dream Collection™ Colors

SELECT CEDARMILL© – a natural cedar look with a soft texture that mimics wood.

SMOOTH – a sleek and more modern appearance.


Thickness: 5/16 in  |  — Special Order in Dream Collection™ —  or Primed Only

STUCCO – The warm, inviting look of stucco, but with superior strength.

SIERRA 8 – a combination of texture and linear detail adds dimension.

Pictured in ‘Half Round’ Style
Pictured in ‘Straight Edge’ Style

HardieShingle® Siding

While they are most often associated with Cape Cod-style homes, shingles can add instant character to any style home, anywhere. For the distinct look of cedar shingles with less maintenance, choose HardieShingle® siding. Better than the real thing, this siding resists rotting, curling, warping, and splitting.

📽 How to Nail HardieShingle Siding:


Thickness: 1/4 in  |  Statement & Dream Collection™ Colors

STRAIGHT EDGE PANEL – a clean-lined shingle; can soften contemporary designs or add refinement to rustic styles.


Thickness: 1/4 in  |  — Special Order in Dream Collection™ —  or Primed Only

STAGGERED EDGE PANEL – an inviting and laid-back look.

HALF ROUNDS – clad in scalloped-edge shingles.

Pictured in ‘Vented Smooth’ Style
Pictured in ‘Beaded Porch Panel’ Style

HardieSoffit® Panels

Soffits are key construction element that cover the underside of your roof eaves and exterior porch ceilings. They are available in both smooth and vented profiles to meet aesthetic needs as well as code requirements.

Using vented soffit improves ventilation in the attic space and reduces the chance of water vapor condensation that can lead to issues such as mold and mildew growth, stained ceilings, and damage to the framing of the house.

📽 How to Install HardieSoffit Panel:


Thickness: 1/4 in  | Dream Collection™ Colors  |  Also Primed (Not in Vented Cedarmill)

VENTED SMOOTH – brings elegance and ventilation to you home; pair it with smooth siding and trim.

VENTED SELECT CEDARMILL© – mimics wood, with vents to meet coding regulations.

NON-VENTED SMOOTH – exceptionally adaptable, it complements both smooth or textured siding.


Thickness: 1/4 in  | Dream Collection™ Colors  Only

NON-VENTED SELECT CEDARMILL© this finish has a raised texture that mimics wood, but is resistant to warping and rotting.

BEADED PORCH PANEL – charming beaded texture; these panels only come in Smooth, since ventilation is not required on porch ceilings.

Pictured using ‘Smooth Batten Boards’
Pictured using ‘Rustic Grain Batten Boards’

HardieTrim® Boards

Form meets function at every angle with HardieTrim® boards. Better than wood, it will complement your long-lasting, lower maintenance James Hardie siding — adding punctuation to your design statement.

📽 How to Install HardieTrim Boards:


Length: 12 ft boards  |  6 Statement Collection™ Colors  |  NO Primed

4/4 & 5/4  NT3® SMOOTH – a simple, clean look that is better than wood, and will complement your siding.


Length: 12 ft boards  |  Statement & Dream Collection™ Colors  |  Also in Primed

RUSTIC GRAIN© BATTEN BOARDS – a charming, traditional board and batten look.

SMOOTH BATTEN BOARDS – gives traditional board and batten a contemporary twist.

Artisan® Collection by James Hardie

The Artisan® collection is for those with impeccable taste. Offering gorgeous, deep shadow lines and extra thick boards, Artisan lap siding and trim will set your home apart.

The Artisan collection provides a precise fit and finish, as well as the freedom to miter corners for attractive, streamlined styling.


Thickness: 5/8 in  |  Primed Only 

V-GROOVE SIDING – smooth-textured, deep v-shaped channels; use for vertical, horizontal, and soffit applications.

BEVEL CHANNEL SIDING – smooth-textured, chiseled lines emphasize its deep channels.

SHIPLAP SIDING – design flexibility from modern to rustic, with a smooth texture.

SQUARE CHANNEL SIDING – smooth-textured, defined right-angle cuts; uniquely wide channel exposure.

LAP SIDING – casts deep shadow lines; a luxury look with long-lasting performance. Comes in both Smooth and Woodgrain.

BEADED LAP SIDING – smooth-textured with a tailored touch, it replicates traditional coastal style, and creates a strong horizontal definition.


Thickness: 1.5 in  |  Primed Only 

TRIM – the perfect partner for Artisan® profiles; smooth-textured, thick boards for distinctly deep shadow lines.

📽 Revitalizing a Stucco Home with Artisan V-Groove Siding:

Pictured using ‘Reveal Surround Trim’
Pictured using ‘Reveal Recess Trim’

Aspyre Collection by James Hardie

The Aspyre Collection by James Hardie brings together the contrasting elements of Artisan® siding and the Reveal® Panel System for one-of-a-kind home designs.

The customizable Reveal® Panel System expands modern design options, with smooth, 7/16-inch thick panels, plus a wide selection of compatible trim and fastener products.

📽 The Aspyre Collection from James Hardie:


Reveal® Panel System

REVEAL® PANEL – expands modern design options with smooth, thick panels.

REVEAL® RECESS TRIM – provides clean, sharp shadow lines; gives a sense of lightness to modern architecture.

REVEAL® SURROUND TRIM – boldly frames the smooth, flat Reveal Panel; accentuates the modern industrial look.

1/4 in. Cement Board
500 Cement Board


HardieBacker® cement board is made better to install better and perform better. That’s why it was named the most preferred brand of backer board by tile installers and contractors, according to the 2019 Tile and Stone Report conducted by ClearSeas research in partnership with the National Tile Contractors Association and TILE Magazine.

📽 How to Install HardieBacker Cement Board on Walls:


1/4 IN. CEMENT BOARD – this light, simple-to-cut, no-mesh board features their exclusive EZ Grid® recessed fastener pattern, making installation even easier.

500 CEMENT BOARD – resistant to damage from moisture. Its smooth surface allows for finishing with paint, wallpaper, or texture.

Bear Skin™ Joint Flashing

  • Designed to work cleanly and seamlessly with James Hardie siding
  • Each sheet is pre-cut with a stick-it adhesive for the fastest application available
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Conveniently clips to your belt or tool pouch
  • Constructed of a durable material with a 20 year UV rating
  • Aids in preventing moisture from penetrating the butt joint


100 Bear Skins per Pad

HardiePlank, Panel, Shingle, and Batten Colors:

🔎 Explore James Hardie’s Statement House Siding Choices Here.

See your vision come to life with James Hardie’s Dream Collection™ colors.

  • Featuring a color palette of more than 700 ColorPlus® Technology finishes
  • “Made to Order” in a wide array of James Hardie siding and trim styles
  • Matches elevated design flexibility with the uncompromising performance of fiber cement products