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Inland Red Cedar

Perfect for interior and exterior projects alike, Inland Red Cedar has a beautiful lightly-striped, honey coloring that will add dimension, as well as aesthetic interest to your project. Grown in the dry, higher elevations of the Montana, Idaho, and Eastern British Columbia mountains, Inland Red Cedar is typically used for moldings, fencing, decking, siding, and other projects that don’t require large diameter beams or timbers. As one of the most durable soft woods, Inland Red Cedar is a low maintenance and versatile material that will be a beautiful addition to your home.


  • Cedar is durable and thrives in damp climates, enabling it to withstand many conditions without warping or decay
  • The oil in cedar wood is a natural insect repellent to pests like termites, ants, moths, mosquitos, and cockroaches
  • Because cedar is a porous wood, it has the ability to absorb noise, and create sound resistance in a structure